Aside from the one in our collection, we know of two others; one is in Glenn Henry's collection and one is on the USS Slater (now a museum ship).

Glenn Henry has a MARK 6 Mod. 16 Serial No. 1416 along with lots of other great computers. (Note the slight change in the naming of the computer. Glenn's computer is designated a Mark 6 while ours is called a Mark VI.)

Although the computer controls and output look almost identical to the one in our collection, there are four significant differences.

  1. it only weighs 50 lbs as opposed to our 103 lbs.,
  2. most of the weight difference is because Glenn's doesn't have the support base for the computer, instead it has several flanges for mounting on the wall,
  3. it is missing the mounting support for the Sighting,
  4. it is intended for smaller 3 inch guns.

The Mark VI on the USS Slater is mounted on a wall in an inside was likely moved there since it DOES have the Sighting Vane mount.

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  Glenns Museum

  USS Slater in Albany, NY

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