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 YEAR: 1971
 ITEM: Marketing Material
 PUBLISHER: Limrose Electronics
 COUNTRY: England
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Compukit 2 Brochure

A view of the vintage Compukit 2 Brochure an important part of computer history

The Compukit 2 was an advanced variation of the Compukit 1. Even though it came after the Compukit 1, the Compukit 2 still qualifies as one of the earliest personal computers ever offered to the public.

This brochure is the only information we have in our collection about this rare computer. It actually is just one side of a flyer that was included in the Compukit 1 in our collection.

We were able to find just one reference to the Compukit 2 on the web. In November 1971, the Physics Education printed a regular feature called Physics apparatus1. In this issue, it featured two apparati, a pocket-size microscope and the Compukit 2. (click here for a copy of that article)

1Physics Education, Vol. 6, November 1971, p. 174

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Image of the Compukit 2 computer Flyer describing the Compukit 2