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 YEAR: 1968
 ITEM: Analog Computer
 COMPANY: American Machine and Foundry
RARITY: Not rare   Click here for further information on our rarity scale Information on the rarity of this item is unknown.

AMF Educational Computer Model 665/D

A view of the vintage AMF Educational Computer Model 665/D an important part of computer history
The American Machine and Foundry (AMF) Educational Computer was made in the late 1960's. This particular computer is probably from 1970.

American Machine and Foundry has existed since 1900 and has manufactured everything from tobacco machinery to lawn and garden equipment to sports equipment. Today, they only make bowling and billiards-related products.

This educational computer is built into a small wood case about a foot wide which is reminiscent of portable phonographs of the 1950s and 60's (including the hinges that allowed one to remove the top). The top of the case included a voltage meter, input jacks and a storage area for patchcords. The base included the computer and a small storage area for the power cord. A property sticker on the computer indicates that it was owned by PUHS...possibly from Phoenix Union High School in Phoenix, Arizona. (Imagine going to a high school with the initials "PU" can only imagine what the chants were like at their football games! ) Removing the faceplate from the unit, we discovered the schematic diagram inside which indicated revisions starting in 1970. An IC inside is also dated 1970.

We have found no information about this device anywhere online. We do have a few photocopies from a teacher's manual published by McGraw Hill in 1972, however they focus on programming exercises for students and do not provide us any information or history about the unit.

We are not sure when this computer was originally manufactured. We believe it to be in the late-1960's. If you have any information on this computer, please contact us.

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Viewer Stories & Comments
   Jack Marshall     Los Gatos, USA     October 27, 2021

       I used one of these when I was in high school in Connecticut in the early 70's, and now I have one on my lab bench at home. My unit isn't in quite as nice shape as yours, but it operates just fine. I've been able to replicate a lot of the simulations I did back around 1970. My next step is to build a few more modules to perform nonlinear functions like polynomials, etc. Any chance you can send me a scan of the schematic? My unit is missing that. Thanks! J...

   DENNIS A HANSEN     Corvallis, United States     September 12, 2020

       I was in a class in 1967-8 called Engineering Concept Curriculum Program. You can google it. We had rudimentary equipment like that.

   Karla Seal     Colorado Springs, United States     August 28, 2014

       I have an AMF going up for auction on ebay 8-31-14 if any one is interested in owning one.

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Front shot of the AMF Side shot Open-face side shot.  Notice how the hinges detach? Main unit shot, separated from meter unit. Meter unit shot, separated from main unit. Input jacks Close up of the meter. AMF logo close-up. Property tag added by a previous owner. Meter unit with panel open.  Patch cords are inside. Warning inside the power cable storage. Closeup of the main panel. Close-up of the logo and model from the main panel. Main panel lifted off. Well, lookey here!  Schematics! Some trim knobs inside the unit. Integrated circuit. Overhead of the underside of the main patch board. Power supply A board that is perpendicular to the main board. Summing amplifier board view. Layers of boards. More trim pots. Dual-side view of the power light. Some components. Outside shot, closed. Outside shot, rear. Direct front shot.