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 YEAR: 1978
 ITEM: Analog Computer
 COMPANY: EAI-Electronic Associates PTY. LTD.
 COUNTRY: Australia
RARITY: Exceedingly Rare   Click here for further information on our rarity scale Information on the rarity of this item is unknown.

EAI 1000


The EAI 1000 is described on the cover of its manual as a "Micro Processor Controlled ANALOG HYBRID COMPUTER SYSTEM".

The manual was published in Oct. 1978 and we are tentatively dating the computer to that year...although a little research may push the date back to 1977 or even 1976 (some of the chips are dated 1976, week 42).

The computer in our collection was used by the Engineering School at McGill University in Montreal and, as a result, it has quite a few bells and whistles. It came with an early version of the Reference and Maintenance Manual, several extra panel cards, and quite a collection of programming cords.

We will add more information when we get additional staff to help with the research.

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Front view Front View with keypad displayed Front view with several extra cards Front view with programming cards removed Closeup of internal analog cards Closeup of markings on one of the analog cards Power unit Front of programming card Back of programming card Front of analog programming card Rear of analog programming card Veiw of programming patch cords that came with this computer Looks like a set of programming patch cords